Funding Ready Workshops

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Voluntary Centre Services (VCS) in partnership with Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service (LCVS) and Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) have developed a series of Funding Ready workshops to help voluntary sector groups and charities improve their skills and information sources to increase the number of successful applications.

The programme is free for voluntary sector groups and charities working in Lincolnshire who are looking to begin applying for grants or improve their success rate.

It consists of 3 workshops which will be delivered over 5 half day sessions virtually on Zoom.

Groups can attend any of the five sessions depending on what stage they are in their funding process.

The programme starts on Wednesday 8th September, running for 5 sessions until Wednesday 27th October 2021.

Details of the full programme are below:

Wed 25th August at 10am

Introductory Session

This introduction session outlines the tools and resources we will be using during the workshops including overviews on the Funding Ready Toolkit, Benchmark and Health Check. The session will also include a discussion and an overview of each workshop, helping you, as a group, to plan your learning and time effectively so you can get the most out of the programme and attend the workshops that are most relevant for you.

Wed. 8th September at 9.30am (Session 1)

Workshop 1: Getting Your Organisation Ready for Grant Funding / Knowing Your Beneficiaries

Aims: To ensure your group has the correct policies and procedures in place: a good project idea, an understanding of the funding process, general evidence on beneficiaries, an understanding of funder requirements and how grant funding fits into the funding strategy.

Wed. 15th September & Wed. 22nd September at 9.45am (Sessions 2 & 3)

Workshop 2: Evidencing Need and Identifying Funding Sources

Aims: To be able to prepare a fully costed-out plan, using evidence from a variety of sources, evidenced, using input from your beneficiaries and the whole team. To have funding sources identified and shortlisted and a ongoing process defined for selecting funds to apply for.

Wed. 13th October & Wed. 27th October at 9.45am (Sessions 4 & 5)

Workshop 3: Proving Outcomes and Writing a Successful Bid

Aims: To be funding ready, with evidence suitable for funders needs and a team who are confident in their ability to write a successful funding bid and meet your funding requirements for the next 2-3 years.