Lincolnshire CQC Provider Collaboration Review

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Slides from the recent CQC provider collaboration review are available to download.

NHS Lincolnshire CCG Chief Executive John Turner said “…the CQC have said to me how impressed they were with everyone’s engagement with them, that they heard some very good messages about how services in Lincolnshire had worked together in support of each other and providing great care to people, and that there is much for us all to be proud of.

“I have seen some fantastic work and partnership myself in Lincolnshire throughout the exceptional pressures and challenges that the pandemic has brought, and it’s great to hear from the CQC that that is their observation too. We all still have a way to go together through the next phase of coronavirus, and as we head into winter in the coming months. I encourage everyone to continue to work together, pick up the points of learning, and build on the excellent work described in the review. We know that this is the best way that we can provide the best care possible to the people we serve.”