History of the project

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The origins of this initiative are in a 2018 project supported by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and NHS England, which came via the STP Stakeholder Board focused on how to increase the footprint of Voluntary and Community Sector organisations in health and care.

Three workshops were held in Manchester in 2017/18 and the Lincolnshire participant group has met a few times since then – calling itself VET: the Voluntary Executive Team. Some additional support has been made available from NHS England to support the project and the VET team further, to explore how it can get involved in health systems and the long term plan:

  • How does the third sector have a strategic impact in Lincolnshire? 
  • How is the VCS voice heard through the county? 
  • How can we create something tangible, real and have a voice going forward?