High Level Overview of the Health and Care VCS structure in Lincolnshire

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Connect to Support has just under 500 organisations – some are statutory bodies but 80% are VC organisations. Some of these are local versions of parent organisations in and outwith Lincolnshire but a reasonable estimate would be 350 independent VCS bodies on this source. The report below identified 223 organisations in 2010.

The last thorough look at the sector was in 2010 and can be accessed here:


Highlights are:

Total annual turnover across the Third Sector is £364 million, but the size of TSOs vary dramatically. There is, therefore, no ‘typical’ TSO, but the median income is £25,266 and 73% have a turnover in the bracket between £10,000 and £100,000. The major sub-sectors in which TSOs operate are education (with £97m turnover), healthcare (£67m) and environmental and conservation related activities (£54m).

The Third Sector accounts for 7,095 FTE jobs, representing 3% of all employment in Lincolnshire – higher than the UK average of 2.2%. Almost 65% have no paid staff whilst the ten largest account for 60% of all jobs. Average wages in the sector are slightly lower than the County average, at £17,735 for each FTE position. The Third Sector, however, has a lower salary to turnover ratio than the Public Sector in Lincolnshire, suggesting that it delivers services more efficiently and is able to utilise volunteer time.

There are over 26,000 regular volunteers within Lincolnshire’s Third Sector, supplementing many others in other parts of the economy. The balance between paid employees and volunteers varies considerably between the sectors in which TSOs operate. Education, the biggest Third Sector employer, supports almost 3,000 jobs across over 800 organisations, but with only 2,200 volunteers. The healthcare, advice and support, and sports/leisure sectors all support relatively few direct jobs, but rely on vast numbers of volunteers.

The turnover of healthcare bodies was assessed as being the second highest at £67 million.

The report identified just under 7000 volunteers in heath and care (pp 20)

We’re then thrown back onto national norms for a more contemporary picture. NCVO say that average volunteering rates are 11.8 hours per month. Assuming only modest growth from 2010 this would equate to 7000 x  141.6 = 991,200 hours per year.