VET Funding Update 08.10.19

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We’ve had double good news this month already. Our bid to the lottery for development funding has been successful generating £47,500 for the following activities:

  • Map and engage smaller organisations/initiatives

  • MoU to underpin future relationships between the VET and statutory commissioners.

  • Brand for those committed to the vision (quality assurance)

  • Provide direct role for sector in identification of issues, design, commissioning and delivery of services.
  • Peer support for very small organisations

  • Support up to 10 organisations a year, providing opportunities to share intelligence, pool resources and work together to identify/win procurement opportunities

Separately, and thanks to quick action by Michele Jolly and Kirsteen Redmile (who turned around a very short timeframe funding application), the STP have been awarded £40,500 to develop the volunteering infrastructure in the county, working through VET and its partners.  This funding is provided by the voluntary partnerships section at NHS England.

In addition to these two grants negotiations are close to a successful conclusion with the STP/County Council to confirm agreement to match fund an application for continuation activities building on the current NHS England funded accelerator programme which underpins the cost of our current operation. If these discussions are successful and our subsequent follow on bid is approved this will provide the partnership with another £50,000 to support a good proportion of its core work over the next three years.

The positive pledges of financial support from a number of VET partners of £500 each have provided a crucial underpinning to show how serious we are about moving forward as a group. That is not to say that those who have chosen not to contribute or are unable to do so are in any way less valued or important to our mission.

We have an ambitious programme for the next three years and whilst these not inconsiderable resources will make a real difference as the budget below shows we are not in a position to sit on our laurels.

Activity Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Deliverables Notes
Set Up Costs 5500         Company formation, bank account etc £2000 for set up 10 days @£350
VET Secretariat 14000 20000 20000 20000 20000 Schedule, develop agenda and minutes for 6 weekly VET meetings, day to day representation of VET, manage formal governance and bank account Contract for service with third party for £18,000 inc on costs pt per year, £2000 p.a for accounts etc
Negotiation Management of MoU 10500         Negotiated as a discrete activity Yr1 then handed over to VET Secretariat 30 days year 1 @£350/day
Development of MoU Driven Brand 15000         Generation of framework for participation and promotion to potential members. Design and development of brand guidance. Purchase of materials to give physical expression to brand Framework 20 days @£350 per day, Design and development £5,000, Purchase of materials £3000
Establishment of VCS Health Strategy for Lincolnshire 10750         Negotiation of strategy process and then coordination of drafting, resources for publishing then handed over to secretariat 25 days @£350 per day plus £2000 for print and publish
Mapping of Sector 9500         Development of database, liaison with established sources of information, population of database, management of database passed on after year one to secretariat 20 days @£350 per day, plus £2500 for development and management of database
Capacity Building and Support for Small Organisations inc Website and Resources 11375 7500 7500 7500 7500 Development of a support service for Health and Care organisations based on initial diagnostic help, networking and referral services 10 days @£350 set up, annual scope to support up to 10 organisations at £750 per organisation for a maximum of 2 days per organisation
Development of Annual Conference and networking opportunities 7000 7000 7000 7000 7000 Organisation of conference and seminar programme – 4 seminars per year plus access to National Centre for Rural Health and Care seminars £2500 for conference per year, £500 per seminar, 10 days @£350 per day per year
Net Cost 83625 34500 34500 34500 34500    
Organisational host costs 4181         Costs to accountable body in year one until established 5% of operating budget
Gross Cost 87806 34500 34500 34500 34500    
VCS Member subs 8000 8000 10000 12000 12000 Membership contributions (voluntary) £500 per big organisation, £50 per small
NHS England Match Funding Budget 18750 6250       Sept/Sept matched funding budget year 1 £25,000 one off needs match
Lottery Development Funding 47500         One year development funding to enable the capacity and momentum of the initiative to be established  
Statutory Sector/Third Party Funding Ask 13556 20250 24500 22500 22500    

Next Steps

In view of the gathering momentum we believe that VET needs to harden its commitment and focus. Our next regular meeting is scheduled for 4 November. In view of the volunteer infrastructure funding we are aiming to have an earlier breakfast meeting before the end of October and all members will be welcome to join us. We also have a full group meeting booked for December in Sleaford although the date for that may have to change due to challenges around the availability of speakers. We will update you on the preferred day as soon as it is set.

A second key issue in moving forward is to identify the strategy for delivering each aspect of the VET programme. Namely:

  • Organisational Set Up
  • VET Secretariat
  • Negotiation Management of MoU
  • Development of MoU Driven Brand
  • Establishment of VCS Health Strategy for Lincolnshire
  • Mapping of Sector
  • Capacity Building and Support for Small Organisations inc Website and Resources
  • Development of Annual Conference and networking opportunities

Over the next week we intend to issue mini-specs for each of these activities, which will be open for the following 14 days for organisations to show an interest in direct delivery or suggest third party engagement. Chris Wheway as Chair of the VET, supported by Michele Jolly as Vice Chair and Kirsteen Redmile from the STP will then consider what has been put forward and confirm a strategy for the way forward.

In the interests of positive transparency we hope that you will all agree that this is a positive and pragmatic way forward. If you have any views you would like to share please feel free to contact Chris or Michele respectively at: