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Latest updates from the Lincolnshire VET.

High Level Overview of the Health and Care VCS structure in Lincolnshire

Connect to Support has just under 500 organisations – some are statutory bodies but 80% are VC organisations. Some of these are local versions of parent organisations in and outwith Lincolnshire but a reasonable estimate would be 350 independent VCS bodies on this source. The report below identified 223 organisations in 2010. The last thorough look at the sector was...

Cascading Leadership: free development opportunity for third sector leaders

Cascading leadership provides an invaluable free opportunity for leaders working in health and wellbeing organisations in the voluntary and community sector in the UK to develop their leadership skills and receive practical support. It is built on a peer-to-peer model where an experienced VCS leader (a consultant) supports another VCS leader who is seeking support (a partner). Consultants and partners...

VET Funding Update 08.10.19

We’ve had double good news this month already. Our bid to the lottery for development funding has been successful generating £47,500 for the following activities: Map and engage smaller organisations/initiatives
 MoU to underpin future relationships between the VET and statutory commissioners.
 Brand for those committed to the vision (quality assurance)
 Provide direct role for sector in identification of issues, design,...